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“Who Else Wants to Revolutionize your life..transform your body into sexy muscle, with a Flatter Stomach, Firmer Legs and Buns and Look and Feel 10 Years Younger?”

7 Days To Re-SET & Re-CREATE The Body & Lifestyle of Your Dreams!

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Dear Friend,

It’s that time of year again…FALL IS HERE!

There are few moments, that can truly turn your life around. I remember it like it was yesterday…

Around November 2011, I was doing my normal walkthrough at a popular exclusive gym on Wall Street. I would walk the floor and hand out towels and greet members.

Some would ignore me.  Some would politely accept a towel. Some would actually listen to my questions and ask me questions.

Then, there was one woman walking really, really, …I mean really fast on the treadmill…

I gave her a towel, and she said she was finally fed up with her challenges with being overweight.

Actually, that’s an understatement… She was frustrated and close to having a total breakdown.

Maybe you can relate to this story… She was around 282lbs at the time. She had had all the struggles with weight loss for years before, yo yo dieting, etc.

I knew that she really needed guidance, so we set up a complimentary fitness assessment.

When we did the assessment and initial complimentary session I told her that if she was able to get her food, supplementation, cardio, and resistance training in the right amounts…. she could change her life forever!

She really wanted to make a change in her life, but before she became my client I told her,

“Don’t commit to training with me unless

you are really serious about this.”

She was serious, and ohh did she work hard.

She trained with me 3 times a week, she followed the basic 5 habits, and nutritional meal plans. She used the proper supplements. She did her cardio on the off days and  always had a positive attitude and a smile.

She had ups and downs, and a few emotional breakdowns I coached her out of.
But now 2yrs later she’s 80lbs lighter weighing in under 200lbs.
I have to warn you though…

We would often stay in the routine, but then feel like progress was slowing.

Just like anyone unleashing their natural beauty, there were times where she had doubts, fears, and worries.

Maybe you can relate…

What about a morning when you don’t seem to be able to dress yourself at all, which makes every single morning frustrating.

Think of a hot summer day, when it’s too hot to pick up a penny!

Or when you feel embarrassed to wear most summer fashions AND end up in long sleeves and long pants in VERY hot weather, making YOU FEEL even more frustrated.


Maybe even sobbing for a good hour, trying not to let your kids see you. Have you ever felt like you have beautiful clothes never feel the confidence to pull them off.

Ever wondered why you are the one always having these thoughts, that you should be able to let it go.

If you can’t fight the extreme sadness, we all know that’s not pleasant.
Now get this.

The whole time I was COACHING her to help her with her mind, emotions, and behaviors as well as workouts.

See many people think that its all about just the exercise and the food.

However, anyone who’s lost A LOT of weight, or made a RADICAL change in their body knows.

“Mindset is everything… And that’s when it hit me. What if I could capture all of that weight loss coaching into one system that she can use over and over again, even when I’m not there.”

But, Know this:

Anyone can backslide into a bad habit or routine again, that’s why it takes  re-inforcement, education, and conditioning for you to keep living in your dream body.

She is A TOTALLY NEW PERSON and barely even needs me as a personal trainer any more, NOW she’s approaching almost a 100lbs of weight dropped! Talk about life changing!

Not only that, this spring and summer of 2012 she ran two races over 4 miles in distance.  One she ran in honor of a family friend who died.

But it gets even better…

In 2013, she made a goal to run over 13 races, and accomplished her goal!
She ran a race every single month.

She’s inspired her kids, her husband, her friends, her mom, her community.

And to know that I inspired her, and she’s inspiring them is what this whole process is about, it’s bigger than you just getting your abs tight and losing your weight.

This is about you inspiring the world around you for years to come!

However, it didn’t stop there…

Many people in her community have now benefited from HER wisdom and advice.

She’s a different person than she was the first day I saw her running on that treadmill. Imagine what the possibilities are for your own health and fitness goals.

How Did She Do It?




Recreation is an activity of leisure, leisure being discretionary time.The “need to do something for recreation” is an essential element of human biology and psychology.

The term recreation appears to have been used in English first in the late 14th century, first in the sense of:

“refreshment or curing of a sick person”, and derived from Old French, in turn from Latin (re: “again”, creare: “to create, bring forth, beget.)

In other words, your results are dramatically changed by how much fun you are having!

RE-Creation Is Best When Social & FUN!

Recreational activities are often done for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure and are considered to be “fun”.

active drive





Stanford University Medical Research shows remote weight loss interventions equally effective as face-to-face coaching programs!

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 6.31.32 PM
- See more at:

Instructional Video Coaching viewable by IPad & IPhone:

This coaching program WILL REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR LIFE, providing you with beautiful video screen capture of visual mind maps, including the audio descriptions of them to help you retain the key concepts and help you stay on track with your health and fitness for the long-term!


Brand new interactive audio and video content, interactive life coaching tools, exercises, nutrition guidelines, and much more!

All the detailed integrity, tracking, and accountability coaching you need to lose weight. Simply and quickly.



Simple. Mobile. Online Weight Loss Coaching. YES!

Log on from anywhere, and access the content on  your IPad and IPhones!

Audio Coaching (mp3) 

This portion of the program is crystal clear audio designed to help you stay on track wherever you go, with Iphone, Ipad, or Ipod. Get laser focused and RE-CREATE your Health and Fitness Habits in 7 DAYS! (For those of you who want a BOXED CD SET for automobiles or CD Players at home- the hard CD’s will also be available Coming soon!)

CDCoverDay1DAY 1: GET YOUR MIND READY FOR RE-CREATION ~ Facing our challenges of being overweight and obesity ~ The Real Solution ~ Re-Discovering Your Dream Body ~ Why Change? ~ Your Human Potential ~Creating Lasting Change

CDCoverDay2DAY 2: Setting Up For Re-Creation Success ~ How To Succeed With Health and Fitness once and for all ~ Digital Age Traps ~ Your Emotional Journey ~ Managing Your Environment ~ Thinking Long Term ~ Anticipating Adversity…And Crushing it!

CDCoverDay3DAY 3: Re-Creation As A Lifestyle ~ Action Packed Living Decisive Daily Operation ~Unwavering Commitment ~ Crafting Your Character ~ Creating A Support Team ~ Creating Your Paradise

  CDCoverDay4DAY 4: Designing Your Body Re-Creation ~ Proper Food Nutrition ~ Resistance Exercise ~Rest and Recovery Supplement Nutrition ~ Cardio Exercise ~ Mindset.

CDCoverDay5DAY 5: THE V12 ENGINE Inside You ~ Discovering YOUR OWN V12 ENGINE ~ Learning how to apply each of the V12 Principles ~ Creating the right rituals to reinforce your V12 Engine ~ Specific details on maintaining maximum energy ~How to radiate and vibrate on a new level ~ Harnessing your greatest inner strength.

CDCoverDay6DAY 6: The Laws of Re-Creation ~ How to Effectively Apply the Law of Stillness ~ How to Effectively Apply the Law of Polarity ~ How to Effectively Apply the Law of Sowing and Reaping In Fitness ~ How to Effectively Apply the Law of Honor ~ How to Effectively Apply the Law of Will Power How to Effectively Apply the Law of Attraction and more~!

CDCoverDay7DAY 7: Rest, Relaxation, and Recreation ~How to truly ensure you are resting and recovering properly ~ How to use meditation to manage your emotions ~ The importance of massage and fascial tissue release ~ How to make the most of Spas, Steam, Saunas ~Learning to truly embrace relaxation ~ Finding more enjoyable recreation.

Success Journal (PDF FORMAT) An easy plan to help you succeed

WorkbookCoverThis success journal will be available for you to print out, or follow along to capture key notes, and help you structure your learning so that you retain your experiences and compare them to the most important principles you apply:


Access to the private FACEBOOK GROUP members’ area which is regularly updated with new content, tips, support & networking, sharing health, food, and exercise ideas with like minded positive people.




  • In each session, I will coach you specific to the results you want to achieve through interactive videos. You get to select the exact areas you would like to take to a new level to make this a more personal journey.
  • Available anywhere…. on your computer or tablet and via podcasts on your smartphone.
  • Track your progress and set reminders to keep you on course.
  • Access to a virtual success journal where you can capture notes easily in the moment and save them to refer back to at anytime.
  • Download PDFs worksheets for each specific session.
  • Highlight your favorite sessions and access them again in an instant.
  • Receive regular updates when new content and enhancements become available.
  • Say yes to creating extraordinary success with you health and fitness starting today!

Happy girl showing on tabletYou will get half a decade of personal training wisdom distilled in 7 hours!

  • You will stick to your New Years Resolutions this year for the long-term!
  • You will save time don’t reinvent the wheel, get to the root of your challenges and solve them!
  • You will save money from getting the run around at gyms and getting bad advice!
  • You will be FOCUSED! Get out of information overload, get the important principles here and get ACTIVE!
  • You will HAVE FUN! Who says that personal training, wellness, health, and fitness cannot be fun. I emphasize the fun, and encourage you to be a big kid again!
  • You will CREATE A MORE COMPELLING FUTURE by igniting your true passion!
  • You will not lose motivation, you always have a fitness coach in your pocket with this program!
  • You will  relax, learn the rhythms, and cycles of when to work hard and when to play hard!
  • Most of all you will liberate yourself from the constraints of a body less than you deserve, and feel ultimate freedom!




“Bayo was of great assistance to me in getting back into physical fitness. Without his guidance, wisdom and expertise there is no doubt that I would not be the same person both physically and mentally as I am today. Thank you Bayo!”

- Ray Laursen, Owner, Financial and Securites Training


“I am no longer of the mindset of “yeah it can be done but” I am now of the mindset “I am doing this”. I am so grateful for meeting Bayo. I look forward to our training sessions. He is calm, encouraging and professional. I joked with him that I didn’t feel much soreness after a workout one time, that didn’t last long… he pushed me even harder! I have lost over 80lbs! I am working hard and staying focused thanks to Bayo’s encouragement.”

- Gabrielle Dimino Bannister, Paralegal, Financial District, Manhattan


“I started working out with Bayo six months before my wedding.  When I came to him I ran nearly every day and did a few classes at the gym to mix it up.  Working out was not my problem.  My goal before the wedding was to create a leaner, stronger body.  And, Bayo did just that!  I lost 14% body fat, 12 lbs and 2 sizes.  And, I dropped a minute from my race pace. Incorporating weight training into my workout was key.  But, Bayo did not just take me through my workouts he coached me through them and my food choices.  There are many events with the wedding that could of thrown me off my progress but Bayo and I would discuss how to manage those events.  This coaching was the second key to my success.  I would highly recommend Bayo!  He helped me attain my goal beyond my expectations.  And I will forever look at my wedding pictures and be thankful for his focus and knowledge.”

– Andrea Masters, Financial District, Manhattan


“My commitment to fitness and respect for nutrition has changed fundamentally since I began training with Bayo in June 2011.  I have always been an active person — from the age of 7 through high school, I played soccer competitively, training 2-4 hours per day for 5 days per week.  When I began college, however, my competitive soccer days came to end and I quickly realized that my previous commitment to health and fitness was driven more by the camaraderie of the sport than my own love for living a healthy lifestyle.  After several years of attempting to develop a consistent workout regime and several peaks and valleys, I found Bayo last June.  Bayo immediately helped me realize that my problem was not physical — it was mental.  After only a few sessions, I began to realize that personal fitness could be engaging, too.  While I didn’t necessarily need someone else to motivate me, having Bayo there to guide me and share nutritional tips to sustain such a physical lifestyle has amounted to the change I needed to be a healthy person.”

- Lauren Zebro, Financial District, Manhattan


“I started training with Bayo while on maternity leave after having my second child. I had a pretty severe case of diastisis recti, where my abdominal muscles were still several fingers apart months after the pregnancy. Bayo took it upon himself to become an expert in dealing with this type of condition, patiently modifying exercises so that I could do them. After a few months, my abdominal muscles were almost back together again because of the exercises Bayo came up with, which has made me a lot more agile. Thanks, Bayo!”

—Vanessa Liu, Financial District, Manhattan


“Bayo has been an amazing inspiration to me! In our time together he has given me the essential tools for success and results. Thanks to him, I was able to accomplish more and grow higher to new levels. He helped me to systematically uncover blockages and tap into resources and skills I didn’t know I had. I highly recommend Bayo to anyone who desires to have a better and constantly improving quality of life!”

Tyrien Obahnjoko, Actor/Singer/Coach


What do you like most about the possibility of recreating the body you deserve? Aren’t you ready to get the mindset, tools, knowledge, and skills you need to re-create, re-invent, and re-ignite yourself!?!?

Get Started Now with my virtual coaching…For only…



But WAIT! That’s Not All. Because I’m Going To Throw In An Offer That You’ll Find Hard To Refuse…

Hey, I know what you’re thinking, what if I need help with exercises? I created this program to help more people anywhere at anytime, and I realize I cannot be everywhere at once…  so…

BONUS #1: 10 Steps To Hiring A World Class Personal Trainer – for getting started today I’m giving you a copy of my full 100pg guide + mp3 audio book (a $47 value)… *Available immediately in the 24hr digital content members area when you get started!

5PsOfPower640x480BONUS #2: 5 P’s of POWER Videos- This is my exclusive private exercise guide I recorded for my clients in New York City who were traveling and needed me ON DEMAND for the fundamentals of movement (The press, the pull, the plank, the plant, and the push). Make sure your exercises are safe and effective! + NUTRITION TIPS & RECIPE IDEAS!! *Available immediately in the 24hr digital content members area when you get started!


Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 3.26.44 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 3.27.09 PMPLUS…A 100% Honest 30-day Money-back Guarantee.

moneybackguaranteeIf you’ve ever had a challenge with weight loss, or making massive changes with your body, I understand that perhaps you’re a bit skeptical. Because let’s be honest, you’ve “seen it all” before when it comes to health and fitness Programs.

But let me promise you this: Just go ahead and get access to the first Days 1 and 2 and see with your own eyes that this is the definitive health and fitness coaching course.

If in the unlikely event (you actually don’t want to apply your self, work hard, exercise, eat, well and follow the plan…in other words if you’re just plain lazy…or  you’re not satisfied, for any reason or no reason at all, all you have to do is send me an e-mail – and I’ll refund your money.

Go Ahead And Get INSTANT Access To:








$797 VALUE!

All coaching sessions (60Min)


just enough time to form new habits!

The Time Is NOWget-access-now

This way I make sure the risk is removed. It helps me in the long run to only sell my products to individuals who are actually going to use them and apply the principles to get RESULTS!

Are you really going to stick to your New Years Resolutions??!?!? Or was that just lip service?!?!

Well….time waits for no one… it’s already

How many days will you let go by before you make some REAL progress?!?!?

I will see you on the inside!

In Health, Wellness, Abundant Success, & Fulfillment!

Your Friend and Virtual Mobile Wellness Coach,





AdeBayo A. Olorunto aka “BAYO”

Founder: O.L.O.R.U.N. Wellness, Creator: B.A.Y.O.N.I.K.S.

BayoOcean-SpeakerMatchPS. Clients pay me up to $130 per hour for one personal training session. Many of my clients clients train 8-12 sessions a month. I easily get over booked for sessions in JANUARY until summer, so I decided to make this program available in 2014 so I could be of service to more people. Now you can get my virtual fitness coaching from anywhere in the world!!!)

You’re getting a really amazing deal here, and you don’t have to pay that kind of money in order to get your hands on the very same system of personal training and coaching that has helped my clients get in the best shape of their lives, prepare for weddings, gain muscle, lose 40lbs, 80lbs etc.. You get ALL this for a price of less than 1 in-person personal training session with me!!

PPS. Please, remember that you’re protected by my honest money-back guarantee that will allow you to test the whole thing before risking your money. Take advantage of it! You will see it is the best decision you’ll ever make in your life. That’s a promise.



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